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Abada Iwuchukwu , The Onitsha Born Nigerian Youth Creating Greatness Globally

by Austin Areh
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Understanding the situation of things, has given birth to a clearer image about the real issue, which is the mindset of a typical Nigerian, that mindset is the set back to our greatness because we have everything we need to become

great but we are in the sea, and still have packs of detergent in our eyes, What is amazing is that, we will also look at others and beg them for water, this is sad.

The Nigerian system needs to start looking inward, and our leaders need to make everyone understand that they have a job to do, their job is not to serve they, the leaders, but the masses of the country, they must note that why they are chosen to follow the office portfolio is because the government cannot reach everybody from a distance and so, with giving them different roles, they are charged to be bridges between the government and her people and not castle walls, that hinder a free flow of channels of information, that can enhance growth and development in the country.

With all these in play, there is a need for certain individuals to be given roles that they can play to build the nation and make it great. It is clear that there are so many people who can do exceptionally well, as they are already showing these signs in their dedication to philanthropic efforts.

For me , if anybody can go out of their way to help the society when they are not in power, this means that when they are given the opportunity to showcase their abilities, they will take it all the way up , we need to give people with character the chance to become elements of change, not just on paper but by their actions and activities.

One individual that comes to mind when I want to analyze the greatness that Nigerian Youths have that needs to be explored , is Abada Iwuchukwu is a Nigerian but Amsterdam Netherlands based international business man and a philanthropist. We must celebrate our youths who are exceptional and shining bright in the local and global scene , as it will encourage more to follow through such paths.

He is the CEO of Willymenco B.V and GoodVibes Amsterdam night club, while he has these business set up, he is also the director of Abada Iwuchukwu foundation ( AIF ) which is the core of my perspective as this speaks a lot of his personality.

AIF is established since 2008, the core purpose and drive  of this foundation is to elevate the standard of living and general welfare of the widows and the less privileged children, through his back to school programs. The AIF has over 300 widows and about 49 less privileged children who are under his scholarship , fully empowered by his initiatives, and supporting their goals to achieve greatness , which is the Nigerian dreams; The Onitsha born Christian is a man with a heart of gold.

Iwuchukwu Foundation is responsible for empowering more than 300 widows and widowers including 24 less privileged in the Eastern part of Nigeria, the  body is known as Youths for Human Rights under the umbrella of United Nations, Netherlands chapter who had chosen him as the 2019 Humanitarian Awards recipient. While he received this award, he thanked the organizers and attendees for coming out in numbers.

He implored  every individual to do good for humanity as good deeds brings about good luck which we all need in all our endeavors as life goes on . Further more he expressed his joy that what he started in his small village at Ogboli Olosi in Onitsha,Anambra State and  had grown into the international scene hence him receiving such an award .

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