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Minister Of Power , Abubakar Aliyu Speaks On National Grid Collapse

by Austin Areh
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With the growing level of awareness across different sections of the nation , it  just makes it understandable that politics is now more unpredictable than ever because human interest is constantly changing and that gives us a level of curiosity as to which person will enjoy the masses support.

It is clear that the Nigerian political scene has been experiencing a very high level of clarity in terms of people in the political class associating with individuals instead of more consideration to their political parties, which to me is even better for democracy because if we start to create very active awareness that political parties must check the characters of the  people they present to the masses at elections, then the society may be able to experience the desired growth and advancement we really desire for.

While there were earlier successes in checking the rising challenges in the power sector , in recent weeks there has been a lot of power shortage in different parts of the country due to the collapse of the national grid, while it seemed like the situation was under control , it seems there has been a relapse in the service strength, however Abubakar Aliyu, The Minister of Power has updates the nation on the status of the National grid that collapsed on, April 8th, 2022.

Sharing an u update via  his Twitter handle, Abubakar Aliyu informs the nation that the grid is being restored by systems operators. He also mentioned that the grid collapsed due to activities of vandals who took certain elements from the power base, in his words;

”Update on National Grid We wish to notify the public that power on the grid is being restored sequentially by the System Operator as other on-grid power plants are being dispatched to cover the lost generation capacity from the Calabar power plant owned by the NPHC Ltd.

The cause of national blackout yesterday was an act of vandalism on a transmission tower on the Odukpani Ikot Ekpene 330kV double circuit transmission line thus resulting in a sudden loss of abt 400MW. This consequently led to a cascade of plant shut down across the country.”

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