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Buhari Needs More Support , Bala Muhammed Enlightens

by Austin Areh
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The rise of modern day freedom fighters and activists in the Nigerian political sphere has been spontaneous and something worth a conversation. We realize that the role of activists is to check on the excesses of the government and also act as the watch dogs of the society. From fighting against human rights abuses, to challenging certain government policies in respect to their service to the citizens, their roles are very important in maintaining the respect for rights and properties.

The African continent is seen the likes of Kwame Nkrumah, Nelson Mandela, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and many more. These individuals have been able to get into the history books due to their stand on upholding human rights and establishing a base for the development of their country men. For Nelson Mandela, in the rise of Apartheid in the South African system, Nelson Mandela rose up to the challenge, building a force to check the place of Apartheid in the South African system, a decision that will see him serve a very long time in jail, then later coming out to become President of South Africa, and handed over after his tenure in office.

In drawing this analysis into the modern day scenery, we discover that Nigeria has been able to, in very recent times, see a rise in activism and freedom fighting. This is largely due to the role of democracy in shaping the society as we note that, in democratic system, one thing that is very important is the position of activists who serve as a voice of the people. While many times, people leave saying the truth to the less privileged, I believe that the Nigerian nation has evolved to allow everyone stand on the path of clarity, and all need to start speaking to ourselves in honesty, and become the change we really desire in the country.

People in government parastatals need to start speaking out , but in constructive critique methodologies. This will enhance pure information transmission and also serve as a wake up call , to individuals that need it. No one is an island , and certainly nobody controls the monopolistic tendencies in knowledge acquisition and exposure. We must indulge in exploring the sides of our individualistic aspects , and give ourselves microscopic judgments that can enhance our attitudes to become better humans. We should put behind all forms of disparities and engage in more dialogues that can subvert negative disinflationary situations. In a report , the Governor of Bauchi State, Governor Bala Muhammed as said that President Burahi has not been supported enough in his quest to tackle insecurity.

He noted this , while enlightening during an event where he distinguishably distributed vehicles to beads of the districts and the Local Government Chairmen in the State. He buttressed the fact that there is a dire need for collaborations with the Federal Government in their flight against Insecurity.

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