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Non-Governmental Organization Empowers Over 1,000 Widows, Orphans in Enugu

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In Enugu State, no less than one thousand widows, orphans and physically challenged have been empowered by an NGO known as Target Health Education and Economic Empowerment Initiative ( THEE INITIATIVE).

This initiative was designed as an intervention for the poor and less privileged in the society. It was founded by an oversea based philanthropist and illustrious son, Mr. Victor Obi Anadiume and his wife Lady U Obi Anadiume through a non- governmental organization he established in 2008, THEE Initiative.

Eng. Darlington Anayalebeci who spoke at the occasion said it has been a tradition in the town to celebrate widow’s day at the Eze Obi Anadiume’s compound. He described Mr. Eze as a philanthropist who in his words is always thinking about the good of the people and always taking care of the people.  According to Eng. Darlington, “it is not only widows that benefit from the programme; he does it for the widows, widowers, indigent and people who could not afford a meal every day. He gave materials like rice, clothes, money, drugs and even gives to people who are having serious problems in the village; he does it twice every year.”

Catherine Akam from Umungbu, one of the recipients of the initiative reported that she has been benefiting from the programme for the past ten years. She also spoke on how the gifts from the organization helped sustain her family during the period of the pandemic through their donation of food items.

Another recipient, Cementina Unigwe from Obiagu Umueze revealed that some of the items she benefited were rice, tomatoes, piece of wrapper and also cash gift. She expressed her joy in benefitting from the poverty alleviation programme and she said a word of prayer for the benefactor’s family.

Mrs. Ngozi Uzomechina from Amaetiti Akwuachi spoke on how the philanthropist through his social intervention to the people of the community has saved lives for the past eleven years. She noted that Mr. Victor Anadiume came to save the community during the COVID-19 lockdown to help sustain their families as a result of the effects of the lockdown.

Mrs Ifeoma Anayalebechi, the Chairperson of THEE Initiative Management Committee spoke at the event and noted that the organization has since its establishment empowered over fifteen thousand beneficiaries in different ways including distribution of Christmas gifts to widows and orphans, sponsoring medical treatment, security, provision of social amenities among others.

She asserted that THEE Initiative is strictly a non- profit making organization that was established by Mr. Victor Anadiume and his wife Lady U Obi Anadiume in 2008 to help the poor and less privileged in the society. She revealed  that  establishment of the organization was as a result of the frightening rate of poverty within the host communities adding that Mr Victor Obi and his wife are determined relieve the growing danger of poverty in the society.

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