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5 Must-Attend Literary Festivals In Nigeria As The Year Wraps Up

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Literary Festival

The Nigerian literary scene has experienced remarkable growth and expansion in recent years. With the emergence of talented new writers, literary magazines such as Isele Magazine, Agbowo, The Shallow Tales Review, Efiko Magazine, and others have sprung up to champion their works.

These magazines provide writers with a valuable platform to showcase their creations, connect with like-minded writers, and benefit from mentorship opportunities.

As we approach the year’s end, there are several exciting literary festivals that writers, in particular, should mark on their calendars. Whether you’re in Lagos, Abuja, or any other part of Nigeria, here are some noteworthy literary festivals you won’t want to miss.

Lagos International Poetry Festival
Since 2015, the Lagos International Poetry Festival (LIPFEST) has consistently stood out as one of Nigeria and Africa’s most captivating cultural events. While it primarily celebrates poets, it also draws in a diverse crowd of writers, intellectuals, and artists who share a keen interest in experiencing the vibrant literary landscape of Nigeria and the broader African continent.

This year, mark your calendars from the 26th to the 29th of October, as LIPFEST promises yet another enthralling celebration of poetry and culture.

Kwara Books and Arts Festival
Are you currently in Ilorin and eager to experience the rich world of a literary festival? Then KWABAFest is the place to be. KWABAFest is one of the most thrilling new literary festivals introduced last year and is gearing up for another edition this year, although the exact date hasn’t been revealed yet.

Sokoto Book and Arts Festival
SOKOToBAFest, a vibrant literary festival, made its debut in Sokoto two years ago. The inaugural event featured the distinguished Nigerian prose writer, Abubakar Adam Ibrahim. Now, in its upcoming edition, SOKOToBAFest is gearing up for a thrilling run from November 17th to the 19th.

This version maintains the original quotes and key details while providing a fresh perspective.

Ụmụọfià Arts and Books Festival
The Ụmụọfià Arts and Books Festival is an exciting new event set to take place in November, paying tribute to the legendary Chinua Achebe. Mark your calendars for November 8th to 11th, as these are the dates when this festival will come alive.

Hausa International Book and Arts Festival
HIBAF is an exciting festival that brings together African creatives from Europe, West Africa, and East Africa, all with a special focus on celebrating the essence of Hausa arts and language. This unique event sparks meaningful conversations about the rich history, music, and arts associated with the Hausa language. While the exact date of the festival is yet to be announced, you can look forward to experiencing it later this year.

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