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Wife of Mohbad Relents to DNA Test for Son: VeryDarkBlackMan Unveils Insights and Apprehensions

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Emerging activist Verydarkblackman reveals that Omowunmi, widow of the late singer Mohbad, is willing to undergo a DNA test to resolve doubts

Pressure has been mounting on Omowunmi from various quarters, including prominent figures like Verydarkblackman, Kemi Olunloyo, and a multitude of online users. They have been fervently urging her to consent to a DNA test, a pivotal step aimed at conclusively establishing the biological paternity of her child.

Verydarkblackman, in particular, has been unflinchingly vocal in expressing suspicions regarding the child’s biological connection to Mohbad. He has persistently advocated for a DNA test to definitively confirm this relationship. Notably, Verydarkman has drawn attention to Omowunmi’s public statements about her widowhood and has raised concerns about potential family involvement in the matter.

In a recent video update, Verydarkman revealed that he had received word of Omowunmi finally agreeing to the widespread demand for DNA confirmation. However, he remained deeply skeptical about any DNA results that might originate solely from her. This skepticism stems from his past experience when he initially brought up the issue, resulting in accusations from her family, including bribery allegations and threats of a N300 million lawsuit.

According to Verydarkblackman, the only way he would place trust in and accept any DNA test results is if Mohbad’s parents are actively involved, with their blood samples being taken alongside that of Mohbad’s son for the test.

Verydarkblackman also addressed the serious allegations made by Kemi Olunloyo against Mohbad’s wife. Olunloyo boldly asserted that Sam Larry is the biological father of Mohbad’s son. If Olunloyo’s accusations were to prove accurate, it would not only implicate Sam Larry but also Naira Marley, potentially positioning them as pivotal figures in the tragic circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s untimely passing.

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