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Tuesday Tip:5 lucrative businesses in Onitsha you can invest in.

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Onitsha is a town located on the eastern bank of the Niger River. It’s a town in Anambra state of Nigeria. It’s the economic hub for commerce, industry, and education in the southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria.  It hosts the largest market in Africa in terms of geographical size and volume of goods, the Onitsha Main Market. It’s said to have an estimated urban population of 7,425,000 by 2016. Profitable Business Ideas for Onitsha Town Anambra State Nigeria/Business Ideas Associated with Onitsha City

As a matter of fact, Onitsha town is the gateway for all other parts of South East and South-South of Nigeria. In fact, it lies at the bridge between Eastern Nigeria and Western Nigeria and the oil-rich creeks of the Niger Delta. By this Onitsha is strategically positioned as a regional hub for trade and logistics in Eastern Nigeria.

Here are lucrative businesses in the megacity Onitsha you can invest in;

Palm Oil Business – Palm oil production, storage, and export go on in Onitsha. The palm oil production and marketing value chain is so much that it can accommodate a lot of businesses and individuals. The traditional local people and villages that make up Onitsha are still involved in this business both in the modern ways and in the traditional ways.

The colonial masters who used Onitsha as their business transit location had introduced mechanization for many aspects of production in this town, including mechanical processing of palm oil. This makes palm oil business a booming business in Onitsha.


Food processing – The traditional people of Onitsha are still involved in assorted food processing. This means that the normal food processing business is still thriving in Onitsha and presents great opportunities for modern improvements.  Onitsha still needs garri processing mills, palm oil, yam and corn processing mills etc.


Pharmaceuticals – This is another industry that has thrived in Onitsha. In fact, Onitsha boasts of several pharmaceutical companies now.  Being a commercial centre of Eastern Nigeria, a lot of firms involved in this industry are located in Onitsha. Consequently, there are a lot of retails and wholesale medical stores and pharmaceutical stores in Onitsha.


Plastics Wares Production – This is also another business line that is unique with Onitsha. Today this business is being boasted by the existence of petrochemical firms in and around Onitsha.

Giving that Onitsha city is surrounded by oil-producing states, getting raw materials for these firms do not pose any problem.


Breweries – These are always where they can get raw materials and market and Onitsha provides these two factors. Today there are so many breweries in Onitsha, and associated with them are other business lines that engage in the supply of raw materials and other related materials and services. One brewery can provide over 5000 jobs both directly and indirectly in its area of location.





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