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Taliban Government Bans Afghan Women From Visiting Male Doctors For Treatment

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There are more troubles in Afghanistan’s Balkh province as the Taliban Government made a new policy restricting male doctors from treating women.

In a report by news outlet WION, the Directorate of Public Affairs and Hearing of Taliban Complaints announced a fresh diktat, saying women are not allowed to visit male doctors anymore and “no education to women as well, so no female doctors either.”

The Taliban’s law made against the education and employment rights of women and young girls has sparked widespread international outrage but has had no effect on reversing the extremist rulings.

The United Nations Security Council expressed “deep concern” last week about the country’s erosion of women’s rights. It urged the Taliban to “reopen schools as soon as possible and swiftly reverse these policies and practices that represent a growing erosion of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

The Group of Seven (G-7) countries have also urged the Taliban to “immediately reverse” its ban on women aid workers.

Women, on the other hand, have been pushed to the margins in Kabul’s rearranged power corridors, almost as a means of asserting Afghanistan’s new hardline rulers’ administrative authority.

For instance, in a nondescript Kabul locality, Dr. Sona (last name withheld) is fighting depression. She is among millions of Afghan women who can no longer work in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. In December last year, Dr. Sona had secured a job at a Kabul clinic.

“You cannot join because of the new rules,” Dr. Sona was told recently when she called the clinic for final confirmation of her employment status. This was right before the Taliban government’s new ruling that directed hospitals to ensure that male doctors are no longer allowed to treat female patients.”

“I desperately needed that job,” Dr. Sona told WION in a phone conversation.

Asked by WION what she expects from the rest of the world regarding the fate of women’s rights in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, Dr. Sona’s voice turned heavy as she struggled to fight back her tears. The sea of emotions waved its way into the conversation. “I want to tell the world that please support us. We want to be out of this misery,” Dr. Sona said.

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