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Biggest Pineapple In The World – Bathurst Pineapple Building

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Located on the East Cape of South Africa about 12 kilometers from Port Alfred, the Bathurst pineapple building is one of the best tourist resorts in the world.

Standing 16.7 metres tall, the structure is a three-story building with 60 seats.

It was constructed as a tribute to the agricultural success of the prickly fruit.

The early farmers who settled in the village in the 18th century went through horrible times planting crops until they started planting pineapple in 1865.

This was attributed to a man named Charles Purdon who entered a barber shop in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and took some pineapple that had come from natal.

The barber gave him a piece of the pineapple crown and instantly thought of an idea.

This was the beginning of the largest pineapple industry today in South Africa and the Eastern Cape.

The Big Pineapple, as it is called, was designed by members of the Bathurst Farming Community in the 1980s using fiberglass and metal.

It is a replica of the Big Pineapple in Australia but is about two feet taller than that in Australia.

The residents of Bathurst never thought of tourism during the construction of this structure, until after many years when visitors began to visit it.

The interior of the building boasts a tourist shop, static displays, and a great view.

It’s a fun place to take the whole family and learn about the pineapple industry or find a little memento.

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