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Sheikh Nuhu Khalid Breaks Silence After Suspension

by Austin Areh
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To so many, the believe that to become elected into the system, you must be corrupt and know how to easily throw money around, but the neo-political class of the Nigerian political scene beg to differ. Here we have seen individuals with impeccable characters, with resume to back it up, occupying sensitive areas in today’s government.

We understand that in truth, Nigerian politics is not a duck walk, because there are so many factors that help or mar  an individual who has the intention of winning an election and many of those factors revolve around the grass roots, mind you, the influx of technology via social media has changed the look of things, but if we are truthful to ourselves, the Nigerian political system has not fully embraced the idea unlike other sectors like banking or entertainment because elections are still won from the wards, and the strong influence of pressure groups in the grass roots, and this is fact.

Sheikh Nuhu Khalid has broken his silence after the incidence of him getting  suspended and furthermore sacked as the Chief Imam of the Apo Legislative Quarters Mosque because of the sermon he delivered, certain leaders  due to the  insecurity in the country.

This was broadcasted on April 1st, 2022, which saw Sheikh Khalid speak  in critical terms about the government’s failure to handle insecurity in the country.

 In his words , he said  “Nigerian masses should resort to only one term which is – protect our lives, we will come out to vote; let us be killed, we will not come out to vote, since it’s only elections that you people know.”

After his sack, Sheikh Khalid broke his silence and highlighted that what he said about Nigerian leaders “was never wrong”.

“If it’s a sin to ask for secured Nigeria, I’m ready to go to hell.”


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