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Security: IGP Moves Ebonyi State To Zone 9, Umuahia

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Ebonyi state will no longer be under the jurisdiction of Zone 13, Ukpo, Anambra rather it will be moved to Zone 9, Umuahia on the grounds of proximity to the people of Ebonyi.

This comes off after the decision was reached and approved by Mohammed Adamu, the Inspector-General of Police.

On the grounds of proximity, Ebonyi State governor, David Umahi pleaded with the IGP to remove the state from the newly created zone 13( Anambra to Umuahia) and also because of the safety of the people. He made this call earlier in August, during the inauguration of the Ebonyi State Community Policing Committee.

With this move approved, the Governor, David Umahi commended the IGP, Mohammed Adamu for his quick response and assured of his commitment to ensure the security and properties of the people are protected at all cost.

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