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Popular Gospel Singer Survives Auto Crash.

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The famous Nigerian gospel, Dunsin Oyekan survived a fatal car crash on his way to Ibadan on Saturday. He was reportedly going for a song ministration when he was involved in the accident along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

From the scene of the incident, just one person was said to have been injured. The other three persons in the car including Dunsin Oyekan came out unhurt.

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His first appearance after the accident was in the ministry he was on his way to. On getting there, he expresses his gratitude to God. He said “if you saw the accident scene that I came out of, you can never believe that I walked out of that scene alive”. He said he wanted to take a nap so as to be refreshed and he opened his eyes to see that the car had gone under the trailer.

He explained that the reason he was present at the venue despite the accident was to raise songs to His creator for saving his life.

After that he took to his Instagram page to tell everyone that he was very fine even after the accident. He posted alongside a picture of his name; “Indeed God is Sweet to Worship (OLUWADUNSIN). God is my glory, the lifter up of my head.
“The keeper of Israel neither sleeps nor slumber, he watches over his word to perform it.
“Glory to God now and forever more. I remain in awe of God!!! I’m perfectly ok. Body, Soul and Mind.”

The famous gospel singer had earlier lost his wife to an undisclosed incident in 2019.  In several interviews, he talked about how he was able to pull through the period.

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