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Police Defuse Bomb In Kaduna

by Austin Areh
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The bottom line is that, Even the government never envisaged a time when entertainment will be responsible for creating so much IGR, but the numbers are there  to back it up, because men lie, women lie but numbers don’t. State governments in the past that have connected to the possibilities of harnessing revenue from entertainment driven plans have been able to raise very high revenue as well.

For example, the Calabar carnival that was initiated during the tenure of their former governor Donald Duke, who served as a landmark for achievements for other governors in Nigeria, past and present to beat even as it stands till date. The Calabar carnival is a very strong point in drawing up an example of how positive imaging for Nigeria can propel the potentials of growth even in the midst of uncertainties.


Once proper security networks are in place , like the news of the drones bought by the authorities of the Nigerian police , then entertainment and recreational activities can become a major export for the Nigerian state. However , it has also been reported that the Nigerian police , has been able to detonate a bomb , thereby saving lives in Kaduna State.

The Spokesperson from the Command, Mohammed Jalige, explained that  residents of the area spotted the IED and a the police  team quickly responded by  defusing  the explosive.  The commended the swift response, from the  Command’s Explosive Ordinance Department (EOD) while saving lives and properties, this however is in line with the security apparatus of the country , attending to security situations in the country.

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