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NUPENG Asks For Probe From Chevron Over Member’s Death

by Austin Areh
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As Nigeria heads to becoming a super power, we should be able to check certain aspects that we need to work on, while we ignore our ethnic and political differences and build a nation that can fit into the world map. If we can harness our locally grown products, and each state government clearly picking a product to build up to export standards; this means the government of that state, will set up a factory that can employ every youth in that state, if every state picks one agricultural product, then the case of unemployment is totally gone.

It does not  take rocket science to change a society, we just need to start looking inwards, stop so much propaganda and become intentional. Our nation is in the spotlight from entertainment, to sports, to business and many more, and such attention should be used to build up a profile that makes the country more business friendly, and welcoming for investments.

While the nation positions itself for investors, we also need to have a frame work that protects Nigerian workers , to avoid abuse and indiscriminate treatments in different levels. The new reports show that the The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) on the 29th of March , 2022 were at  Lagos office of Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) over the death of its member, Babalola Oladimeji.

They chanted solidarity songs in protest over the death of the contract staff, held placards with inscriptions stating ‘’Implement Collective Bargaining Agreement for Xepameadow now’’ , ‘’Justice for Babalola Oladimeji’’; and other calls on the issue .

In more comprehensible terms , NUPENG Lagos Zonal Chairman, Tayo Aboyeji, explained that the  late Mr Oladimeji was a contract staffer of Xepameadow General Services; which is a contractor to Chevron, was found dead at a hotel where he was lodged by Chevron to carry out an official assignment with no answers as to the situation surrounding his death and they are only asking for a proper probe into his death ; He also added that the Chevron management had yet to commiserate with the deceased’s family since his death in December 2021.

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