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Anambra Lawmaker Nnolim Nnaji , Proposes Security Solutions To The House

by Austin Areh
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My stand against violence never changes as it keeps rotting the whole process of greatness that Nigeria has supposed to achieve by now, if we use the same energy to put into work, we may discover that we can grow in geometric progression. This assumption that sections of the country are being marginalized has caused more bad than good, it all boils down to the suffering on the streets when chaos is caused by figures who are misusing their platforms. When the woman selling bole, cannot do business for two days because of a riot, that’s not the Nigerian government suffering, that is a citizen, just like me and you being cut of from their daily bread.

I honestly think that we should stop the phase of hypocrisy and embrace the age of enlightenment, this means we need to find need ways to aid communication, for state governors and representatives, you can do live videos as well, if the media aides understand the role of communication, then they can check the rise of chaos in the society. If the youths have access to even speak to their governors on live video maybe once in a month, then elements that will disrupt peace have little avenues to venture on, via the same social media.

While many sections of the public have been expressing their concerns about the terrorist attacks,  the House of Representatives has asked the National Security Adviser and the Inspector General Of Police to set up security task force at Airports and also install modern security surveillance equipment on the perimeters in all the airports.  This followed the motion put forward by Nnolim Nnaji from Anambra State at the plenary on Tuesday in Abuja.

In his motion, he buttressed that there was an urgent need to investigate the recent attack at the Kaduna International Airport and reinforce security surveillance and personnel in all Nigerian airports. He further  recalled that about a year ago, bandits attacked the staff quarters of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) at the Kaduna International Airport and abducted about 12 persons , with the recent occurrence acting like a reminder.

Going further , he also suggested that a combined detachment of the military and other security agencies were deployed to the airport. He said in the recent attack on the airport ,  the military personnel at the airport able to repel the attack, chased away the bandits and got a hold of  their motorcycles.

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