Home Business “Nigeria’s Innovation Ecosystem Calls for Collaborative Growth: Insights from ISN Gathering 2023”

“Nigeria’s Innovation Ecosystem Calls for Collaborative Growth: Insights from ISN Gathering 2023”

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In a dynamic gathering titled ‘ISN Gathering 2023,’ orchestrated by the Innovation Support Network (ISN) and centered around the theme ‘Unlocking Potential: Collaborating for Growth and Impact,’ stakeholders in Nigeria’s innovation sphere have sounded a resounding call for intensified collaboration among startups and key players to catalyze investment and ensure sustained growth.

Kashifu Abdullahi, the Director-General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), underscored the significance of collaboration in the landscape of innovation. He stressed that innovation, comprising idea development and solution engineering, is a journey that necessitates collective efforts and cannot be undertaken by a single entity. Abdullahi emphasized the role of supportive government policies in fostering an environment where young talents can harness their innovative skills to craft indigenous solutions addressing Nigeria’s socio-economic challenges. In his words, “The tech industry, thriving on collaboration, beckons for increased stakeholder participation through the establishment of innovation centers, thus supporting the growth of more Innovation-Driven Enterprises (IDEs) within Nigeria.”

Abdullahi further cited statistics that underscored the global trend towards interconnectedness, interdependence, and collaboration. He noted that over 60 percent of global innovation involves some form of cross-organizational collaboration, highlighting the imperative nature of collaboration for progress and growth. Abdullahi also illuminated NITDA’s commitment to establishing strategic local and international alliances to drive Nigeria’s emergence as a leading global hub for digital innovation and entrepreneurship.

Maryam Lawan, Corporate Director at ISN, articulated the conference’s purpose: providing an ideal platform for entrepreneurial development. The event’s objectives encompass nurturing talents, fostering knowledge dissemination, facilitating resource access, and nurturing an environment where innovation thrives. Furthermore, it serves as a gateway to investment opportunities, connecting startups with potential investors across Nigeria.

In essence, the ‘ISN Gathering 2023’ serves as a powerful testament to the pivotal role that collaboration plays in propelling Nigeria’s innovation ecosystem towards unprecedented growth and impact.

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