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“Nigeria’s Current Economic Woes Are 100% Artificial” – David Hundeyin

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Investigative Journalist, David Hundeyin very popular for his investigative pieces about Flutterwave, Cornflakes for Jihad.

Most recently, he released the investigative piece and documentary exposing the drug case indictments of APC presidential canididate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

He yesterday took to his twitter handle to shed light on Nigeria’s current economic problems.

According to him, “Nigeria’s Current Economic Woes Are 100% Artificial and caused by deliberate policy choices.”

The thread reads in full:

“One thing I will say is that Nigeria’s current economic woes are 100% artificial and caused by deliberate policy choices. Nigeria is so large and so resilient an economy that if its government simply *stays out of the way* and does nothing, the country will sort itself out.”

“Broad-based private wealth accumulation is a threat to the political vision of your Buharis and Tinubus. They NEED you to be poor, even though achieving such poverty is actually more difficult than increasing prosperity in a place like Nigeria. None of this happened by accident.”
“They have worked extremely hard to turn the world’s 3rd fastest growing economy with the mother of all demographic dividends into a basket case with 3 recessions in just 7 years. They’re very hardworking and competent at what they do, which is artificially creating poverty.”
“They saw a land border with a booming trade surplus. They closed it. They saw a burgeoning tech sector that was adding % growth points to national GDP by itself. They put Sheikh Pantami in charge. They saw the remote economy. They banned crypto and Transferwise.”
“Anything that has the potential to uplift Nigerians economically, they have brutally attacked and decimated for 7 years. Do you think it is a coincidence that it is under them that ASUU has had its longest cumulative strike period since the military era? It is all deliberate.”
“And in fact, regardless of whatever noises they pretend to make to the contrary, they LOVE seeing Skilled young Nigerians emigrate to other places, leaving behind only the dirt poor and low skilled, who are easier to control. They LOVE to see us japa. It’s part of the strategy.”

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