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Niger Bridge: Nigerian Breweries Reveal The Reason Behind The Lighting Up Project

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The recent multi-million naira project of illuminating the Niger Bridge by Life Lager beer was borne out of the desire to establish a closer bond with its major consumers in south-eastern Nigeria, Nigerian Breweries Plc (NB) has revealed.

Speaking during an interview with newsmen, Mr. Wasiu Ola Abiola, the company’s Head, Media, Digital, Brand PR & Sponsorship stressed that owing to the iconic nature of the bridge, Life Lager beer sought to leverage on enhancing its brand identifier, hence the need to embark on the multi-million project. More important is the fact that the brand also has an affectionate attachment to the South East.

Going down history lane, the Life brand started as a regional beer when it was first brewed in Onitsha, Anambra State in 1981 before it transcended into a household name in every part of Nigeria.

The Media head who described the project as a remarkable milestone revealed that the illumination of the bridge was made possible as a result of the established relationship between the brand and the people of the South Eastern region. Thus it was major for the company, the Life lager beer brand, and the people of the SouthEast.

According to Abiola, the project itself underscores the progressive spirit of the Igbo people, while at the same time, offering them a ray of hope, especially at these trying economic times.

In terms of the progress Life brand has made over the years, Abiola noted that the brand has launched so many initiatives that embody and inspire progress through its communication in the South East.

His words: “On May 1, 2020, Life Continental re-launched with an exciting new packaging design that reflects its progressive traits and prominently displays its long-standing iconic brand identifier; the Niger Bridge, a bridge we term the ‘Bridge of Progress’ because it represents the progressive journey of optimism and assurance of hope for a better life”.

The project which took almost two years to complete was initiated to enhance the status of the iconic bridge which had been exhibiting the Brand’s messages since 2012.

On his part, Omotunde Adenusi, the Portfolio Manager, Mainstream Lager Brands, NB Plc who expressed the company’s glee at the initiative noted that the importance of the project could be seen in the colossal importance the Niger Bridge bares on the southeast people.

Furthermore, he stated that the bridge symbolizes the beginning of something novel with the signs that its long tradition of progress will withstand the times. His words: “the project represents preserving that historical monument that has created an easier way for its citizens to move around. But more importantly for the Igbos, it is a symbol of trade and access to greener pastures”.

The Niger Bridge in Onitsha, Anambra State, connects south-eastern Nigeria with western Nigeria, over the River Niger, and is linked to Asaba, in Delta State.

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