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Jollof And Palmie ; Motor Bike And Food Feast Was A Rush Of Energy

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The Jollof and Palmie 4 was an event worth every single moment. From bikers displaying their flashy bikes to the Jollof and the Palmie combo to the games, art paintings, and competitions, only to mention a few.


The motorbike and food feast was certainly an event to remember. The event started at exactly 12pm, opening with a grand black carpet session.

The organizers of the event were kin on ensuring that they maintain proper hygiene, thereby promoting healthy living, guests were mandated to sanitize their hands and keep a clean environment.

In line with their goals, Bad gang in conjunction with the female bikers’ initiative (FBI) organized free cervical and breast cancer screening and also gave people an opportunity to donate blood and save a life.


The President of Bad gang talked about the core values, goals, and objectives of the group. Stating that the event is not just about fun, however, it is a community of bikers that are passionate about touching the lives of people and making an impact in Nigerian and west Africa as a whole.

He also mentioned that they have been involved in various projects one of which was feeding one thousand people on the street, an outreach which was carried out on Saturday.

The atmosphere was charged with appearances by celebrity bikers like the phoenix queen of the dance floor Kaffy, TV host IK, Tobi Bakre, Kunle and many others who are passionate about biking were in attendance.

Kaffy expressed her passion for biking, stating that she is excited to be a female member of the group and is currently professionally in bikers’ training.

Similarly, Kunle also gave a word of encouragement to female bikers, noting that despite the fact that biking looks like a male-dominated environment, it is not a gender thing. “what a man can do, a woman can do better.

“There is no gene in a man that makes him a better biker than a woman. In fact, I put Eagle up for auction when a female biker beat me to a challenge.

I am an adventurer, Do what you love doing, and be careful while doing it”. He said

Aside from the Jollof and Palmie goodies, guests also won prizes from the competition which was sponsored by organizers and partners of the event.

The vendors didn’t come to play. Various vendors were on the ground to showcase their brand, make sales, and also get the biking experience. Chef Ete was present to support his biking family. Although he is not a member of the group, he cheers them on.

New members were also unveiled, some of which were present and some abroad.

Generally, Jollof and Palmie 4 was insightful into the biking world. One could see that they are not just a community but have been moving mountains due to their love for humanity.

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