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Incredible Automobiles Built In Africa By Africans

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Right from inception, Africans have always believed in the importation of cars manufactured by other countries. This has gone on for centuries and decades.

Notwithstanding, some incredible African automobile manufacturers in Africa stood a chance to build highly sound cars which are also cost-effective.

Currently, the manufacturing of cars in Africa is about changing the narratives of the whole concept of importing.
Anticipating to know more about the cars manufactured by Africans in Africa?

Well, here are some of the fantastic cars manufactured by African-owned automobile companies.

Innoson Motors (Nigeria)

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd. headquartered in Nnewi, Anambra state Nigeria, was founded by Chief Innocent Chukwuma. This is the first technology company to manufacture cars in Nigeria.

According to the company, 70% of its car parts are produced locally, while the rest is sourced from Japan, China, and Germany.

Among IVM’s vehicle models are the five-seaters Fox (1.5-litre engine) and Umu (2-litre engine) as well as the mini-bus.

Kiira Motors Corporation (Uganda)

Kiira motors was launched in 2014 by the engineering students of the University of Makerere who participated in the Vehicle Design Summit launched by MIT students in 2006. Supported by the Ugandan government.

Amongst of their manufactured cars include, KMC has Kayyoola Solar Bus, Kiira EV Smack, and Kiira EV POC which have a battery bank capacity of 40AH and 207V.


Originated in 1982, is said to be one of the oldest in the industry. The founder and owner of the company is John Watso.

Sold in various parts of the world including the United States, Japan, and across Europe. Known for its authentic, classic reproductions, including the SS3 Street Series and the CS3 Clubman Series.

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Kantanka Cars (Ghana)

In 1994, Dr Ing. Kwadwo Safo Kantanka initiated this automobile company in ghana.The brand is currently used in the country and across other African countries.

In 1998, the first complete built unit (CBU) was manufactured using over 75% of local components, locally manufactured including the engine block. By 2006, the first SUV, the Onantefo, was manufactured.

Laraki (Morocco)

Laraki was founded by a prominent Moroccan businessman known as Mohamed Laraki in 1999.

Although they started with yacht making, in the wake of time, they manufactured luxurious supercars. In 2002, it produced the first car; Laraki Fulgura. Larakis are basically customized for their users and they were ranked one of the most expensive and luxurious cars in 2015, at the cost price of a whopping $2- million each.

Wallyscar (Tunisia)

Wallyscar is manufactured in La Marsa, Tunisia. Founded in 2006, it is known for the creation of affordable, authentic, and powerful 4X4s.

A report from 2014 suggested that the company sells over 600 units a year, mainly in Africa and the Middle East. One of the company’s main aims is to make its cars sporty, colorful, and environmentally friendly.

Mobius Motors (Kenya)

Mobius Motors Kenya Ltd is a Kenyan automobile OEM start-up founded in 2010 to manufacture vehicles for the African market.

They make use of simple and easy designs to produce cars that are durable and effective at an affordable cost.

The vehicles are specifically designed for the African road terrain which cost about $10,000.

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