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Governor Ortom Calls APC Candidates, Ancestors

by Austin Areh
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The political players are the candidates who come out on the mandate of these political parties and seek election, others in this group include party chairmen, party excos and card carrying members. The next on the agents of change in an evolving political system is the role of the voters, these are the ones that come out to vote for the candidates of their choice, they are involved in attending rallies, and are lobbied to come out and vote for the party candidate. Then one very sensitive aspect, is that of the voting system.

While the build up for 2023 is gaining momentum, the Benue State Governor , hosted Bukola Saraki, Bala Muhammed and Aminu Tambuwal , who are aspirants on the platform of the PDP . He was quoted to say “

“Nigerians can testify that during their time at the federal level they did very well and delivered on their mandate.  And today they are eminently qualified to lead this country. They are doing the right thing because divided we fall, united we stand. I want to encourage them to continue this advocacy and understanding and not just within them but with the other people.

They have said they are visiting the other people including our southern brothers who have indicated interest to be president of this country. Let us work together. As PDP, even as opposition, we have set standard for the ruling party.

That is why PDP is willing and ready to rescue Nigeria and then rebuild it. Truly, look at these three gentlemen, yesterday (Sunday), we had another gentleman from Rivers State, Governor Wike, who declared here in Benue State that he was going to seek the presidency.

Look at these young men and compare them to the ancestors in APC that are seeking to be president of this country in a digital world. We should allow the young to grow. If I may quote one of my brother Governors, anybody who is above 70 years and wants to be president is an evil person who wants to ruin this country, he should desist.”

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