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Kaduna Government To Pay Hospital Bills For Train Attack Victims

by Austin Areh
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It is a general phenomena that the possibility of change and democracy, builds a high level of anticipation amongst different types of individuals globally, for some, they understand the nature of change and accept it whole, other people have a slow acceptance rate to change and follow through the process gradually.

And for every political arena to grow, the constant changes in variables attribute into the shape or form the final outlook will take, these factors include political players, the voters and the voting system. For a successful approach into achieving a free and fair election, these parts have a symbiotic role to play, and it cannot be inter changed.

While the elections are billed for next year, the current situation with the state of security in the nation has become a rampant occurrence in the news. With an earlier report about a train attack by terrorists in Kaduna, Kaduna’ State Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, in a statement on Tuesday March 29th 2022, however did not state the number of fatalities but said injured and dead victims have been taken to hospitals in the state.

The passengers who were earlier displaced by the attacks, got evacuated from different areas in forests and rocky locations in Audujongom, off the Kaduna-Abuja Road by the rescue team. The Governor also added that the Ministry of Health should open correspondence with the hospitals as government will bear the cost of their treatment.

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