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Exclusive : Contractor Diversions Cause Accidents On Lagos-Ibadan Express Road

by Austin Areh
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The current wave in politics has seen more than before, the cross carpeting of politicians from one party, to another, seeking for clearer objectives and alignment with their ideological base. Ordinarily this act could be overlooked and assumed to be regular with the political scene, but in the case of Nigeria, it is more like a delicate phase to shed off sentimental following and have a reorientation of visions that can propel their interests in respect to their political associations.

In most cases , it is said that the political processes always determine the economic standings , and the social balance of the society. I believe that after the political elites outsource contracts, there should be a mechanism to check the level of work done and how it affects the individuals who use that facility on a daily basis , because while people want development, there must be measures that also help to ensure that those projects do not in any way cause harm or hassles to the citizens.

While inlandtown reported about the progress made on the Lagos – Ibadan express way was positive, however , there is a stall in the construction, as trucks are just parked at the side of the road. Apart from that, there are reports of accidents being caused by the Diversion from Magboro To Mowe Bustop axis of the Lagos Ibadan Express road. For road users, they have expressed bitterness because sometimes , the trucks that have accidents are left by the road, therefor causing more obstruction on a daily basis.

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