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Exclusive : Bola Tinubu’s Campaign Office Found in Ikeja , Lagos

by Austin Areh
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Our nation is known to have so many technological inclined people that can make anything and everything, so I’m asking, why can’t we even make our own ventilators? Firstly to save lives and then, also export to other nations that cannot really afford manufacturing plants, and the truth is that, when we think about technology in Nigeria, most of our thoughts connect to our brothers in the East and their exploits in various aspects of creation and living. From cars to generators, they have been able to become Africa’s China , and then, why don’t we invest in their abilities, oh, I think I get it now, even people who are supposed to use their spotlight to draw attention to the positives have over the years used negativity to shadow the greatness that should be celebrated from that region.
The truth is that , the next president from the 2023 elections , will determine the direction each part of Nigeria will go , in terms of development, technological growth and entrepreneurial Advancement. While so many other aspirants seem to be idle about their ambition , Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been in the news over and over again, via his consultations  and the growing number of people who are being vocal about his aspirations. In line with this, in GRA, Ikeja, a building bearing the campaign slogan for Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been sighted , while it looked like there was mild activities going on, the tempo is being built up for the 2023 elections.

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