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Erring Anambra Traditional Rulers Express Dissatisfaction Over Suspension

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The Anambra traditional rulers who were recently suspended by governor, Willie Obiano have come out to express their dissatisfaction regarding their suspension. To them, it was a complete abuse of power and a charade.

The 12 suspended Igwes who addressed newsmen in Abuja emphasized on the fact that they didn’t commit any act to warrant being suspended. As it would be recalled, the suspension was for a period of one year.
HRH  Igwe Chijioke Nwankwo, Igwe Nawfia who spoke on behalf of their colleagues asserted that they categorically didn’t commit any act worthy of suspension. ‘‘This is to say the least an abuse of power and high handedness by the Igwe in connivance with the state government that has become increasingly desperate as the Governor Willie Obiano administration winds to a close.”
Acccording to Igwe Nwankwo, there was nothing wrong in visiting the President, Muhammadu Buhari. Speakin further, he queried the suspension, saying: ‘‘What was wrong about our commendational visit to President Muhammadu Buhari on the good things he has been doing for the South East Zone and the Igbos to be precise? We also thanked him for the appointment of notable Igbo sons and daughters into important positions in government since he became President. Is this an offense? The Second Niger Bridge had been presented as an impossible task by previous administrations but it is now becoming a reality under his watch as it is almost nearing completion. And we also appreciated him for this. We know that the project is very dear to our hearts because it is a key component of boosting business activities between the people of the South East and the entire country. Where did we go wrong here? The Enugu- Onitsha expressway that the Buhari administration is rehabilitating is another magnificent reason we went to thank the president.”
Furthermore, he said that it was as a result of all these that they deemed it fit to express their appreciation to him on behalf of the entire people of the area and to urge him to do more for the zone. In his words, “Where have we committed a crime in these laudable efforts? On what ground is the Igwe and the state government now witch hunting us? All what we have done were in exercise of our fundamental human rights and we emphasis that no one can take that from us. Freedom of speech, freedom of movements is all enshrined in our constitution and grand norm. Any attempt against these would amount to muzzling the traditional institutions and we cannot accept that.”


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