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DSS Uncovers Illegal Sale of New Currency Notes, Says Bank Officials Involved

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The Department of State Services (DSS) announced on Monday that it has disrupted several organized syndicates involved in the illegal sale of the newly redesigned naira notes.

In a statement released by DSS spokesman, Dr. Peter Afunanya, the Service also discovered that some commercial bank officials have been aiding in these illegal activities.

The DSS conducted operations to uncover these syndicates and has warned all involved in the illegal sale of currency to cease their actions immediately.

This is a major blow to those attempting to exploit the new currency and damage the country’s economic stability.

Dr. Afunanya emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of the currency and ensuring that it is used legally and ethically.

He said the DSS will continue to monitor the situation and take necessary actions to prevent illegal activities.

The DSS, however, vowed that they will continue to investigate the matter and that they will work with the relevant authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice.

They have also called on the public to come forward with any information they may have regarding the syndicate and its activities.

This is a developing story, and more details are expected to be released as the investigation progresses.

However, it is clear that this illegal operation has serious implications for the stability of the country’s economy, and the swift action taken by the DSS is commendable.

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