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Breaking News : Thugs Take Over APC Convention In Abuja

by Nuel Emuebie
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For political aspirants or office holders , the responsibilities revolve around taking feed backs of how the society is faring with government policies, and what can be done to enhance the standards of living for the communities and country at large, and then give this information without coating it in milk and honey to the leaders, who in turn use such information to develop a structure that is beneficial to every one in the society, this means that if you feed a governor a lie about something that has happened in your LGA, as a chairman, you could get some immediate Favour, but the community you will retire to may not have light by the time you retire home at old age, it is not magic, just life.

While it is being advocated that the next elections will be free and fair, it is alarming that even the primaries conducted do not enjoy a peaceful process , as it seems something chaotic may erupt from different individuals who want to be in power; there a current reports that the APC convention holding in Abuja , has been disturbed by Thugs, however , the security operatives are working on controlling the situation, we will give updates as it unfolds.

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