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Author Of The White Magic, Maduno Presents Books To Omu Anioma

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A United States of America returnee and an Oba indigene of Anambra State, Mr. Chukwudi Okeke Maduno has presented two of his 16 authored books to Omu Anioma, HRM Obi Martha Dunkwu at her Palace in Okpanam, Oshimili North LGA of Delta State.

Maduno who said he got highly interested in the fame and influence of Omu Anioma and Nneoha via the Internet, decided to come down to Okpanam to present the two books – White Magic: “The Origins and Ideas of Black Mental and Cultural Colonialism and; Ohacracy: The Undercurrent of Africa-Centred Nationalism” to Omu Anioma in order to get her blessing and further tap from the fountain of knowledge herself.

Mr. Chukwudi Okeke Maduno with Omu Anioma, HRM Obi Martha Dunkwu

Mr. Chukwudi Okeke Maduno with Omu Anioma, HRM Obi Martha Dunkwu

The cerebral author who is the Facilitator of Ekumeku Universal Foundation, eulogized Omu Dunkwu for her articulated thoughts and strong belief in the African cultural and traditional system, to the extent of possessing the tasking capacity of fusing the old and the new to have a perfect blend of reasoning that is accepted by all.

He described Omu Anioma as a brave woman who believes and stands by her principles.

He also praised Omu Dunkwu for the series of interviews she granted recently where she advised the Igbos on what to do to have political relevance and still control Commerce in Nigeria and beyond.

His words, “You have opened our eyes to ideas that will launch us to our original destiny and pride of place in the country of our birth. It is a known fact that ideas rule the world and there is no reason why the Igbo man should not work with your idea on “Akulue-Uno” and the need for the Igbos to increase their population and have central leadership system that can be respected and revered across board.

“I said I must come to visit because what you carry is beyond what one can get only from the Internet. My coming has opened me to more ideas and realities. Even as a writer, I am better informed now”, he admitted.

Maduno quoted the part of his book which talks about the Spithatf Ekumeku and why Igbos should transcend from ignorance to engaging the system from the point of strength, ideas and creativity.

According to the short quote, “It is not uncommon to find that we Africans out of ignorance envy people from other continents who come to our land and make fortunes of wealth at the detriment of our future survival. However, we usually forget that we cannot blame people who take advantage of our ignorance. We have failed to recognize the fundamental streams of our cultural spirit which are the prerequisites upon which a future African society must be built.”

In her response, Omu Dunkwu thanked the author for finding her worthy to visit with such an intellectual gift that no money can quantify.

She agreed with Mr. Maduno on the vitality of ideas and competition to secure one’s environment and jurisdiction by having a certain control over it.

Omu Dunkwu said she would never stop advising the Igbos to quietly go inside, have a retrospect and emerge on the side of strength without always complaining of being marginalized and cheated within the Nigerian system.

She maintained that “Igbos are too big to be complaining of being marginalized by other tribes of the country when they can make themselves relevant and compete within the circle. It’s a game of survival and winner takes all. Then why must you be complacent and instead find it more convenient to complain?

“The world order is a complex and competitive one. The strong always take the lead while the weak are swallowed. The Igbos must stop complaining and begin to struggle to protect their interests within the system called Nigeria.

“The interest of the Igbos should be to have short, medium, and long-term plans on how to repatriate their investments to the East. You can’t keep developing other places in the name of the business and maximizing profit while your place is desolate. The Igbo investors and businessmen can build their own New York in Igboland.

“I thank you Mr. Maduno for your belief system and point of view that tilts towards localizing our own ideas and development patterns. If you ever left this country for a developed nation, you will see things differently and reason differently. Thank God you said you were brought up in America and having seen things for yourself, you decided to return home to contribute your compulsory quota.

“East or West, home is the best. We must learn to develop our own country and leave all these wholesale importation of foreign ideas, cultures, and ways of life. And so, I appreciate you for your incisive understanding of who we are, as you said, you have encapsulated it into a book. Thank you for the books, they will make my days in the coming weeks”, Omu Dunkwu said.

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