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Anambra State Insecurity… The Way Forward

by Austin Areh
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By Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia

May less than two 200 minority that has chosen to be beasts in the name of Unknown Gunmen and criminals not silent millions of Ndi Anambra.

We must continue to speak and pressure the govt to lead from the front. No security agent will put his or her life fighting to defend you and our society against the activities of beasts that go with the name “Uknown Gunmen” without support from the people.

It is time for Ndi Anambra to back the security, through encouragement, trust fund, writing, speaking, etc for them to go against these idiots.

A situation where you come on social media to clap for Unknown Gunmen is worrisome and to fight this, both those clapping for Unknown Gunmen through writing or any formal or informal means should be interrogated and if they are abroad, Interpol or other diplomatic windows should be activated to bring such individuals to Nigeria to face the law regards the atrocities these beasts have committed.

Ndi Anambra, ‘Agha Abata go’ and every community in the state should activate their internal means of a community defence mechanism known in Igbo land and get ready for synergy with the conventional security network.

We cannot allow these beasts to continue to kill our people anyhow.

Do you see that of Ebenebe killing? The community knows about the late ‘Ozo’ and the atrocities he committed even against the Police. It was well known in his community in Ebenebe that he was one of those that have attacked police establishments and checkpoints in Anambra, but he was never reported as such until his burial brought more deaths to the community.

Ndi Anambra must choose between a peaceful state or a state of anarchy where criminals hide under what I Dont know to be committing atrocities against the people.

Our forests must not be a hideout and a launching ground for shedding the blood of our people and kidnapping innocent citizens.

Again whether we like it or not, IPOB must tender unconditional apologies to Ndi Anambra, Ndigbo and every victim of Unknown Gunmen.
Yes, they said that Unknown Gunmen are not representing IPOB. But the truth must be told, IPOB created ESN and armed them with greater members of them turned as Unknown Gunmen and have been terrorizing the society.

It is time to recover the state from these beasts!

The people must stand up or perish in the hands of these enemies of Ndi Anambra who kept their states at peace but see Anambra State as a place to destroy!

They have created fear in the land, but we must not bow down to their devilish activities. The light must defeat darkness!

If you keep quiet, you will die, if you speak you will die, so? We must speak and act to live!!!

InlandTown! 2022.

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