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Africa’s No1 Man For The No1 Search Engine In The World: Alex Okosi…Google it!

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Alex Okosi

Google has just made a major announcement declaring Alex Okosi, who is currently the Managing Director for YouTube in EMEA Emerging Markets, as the new Managing Director for Google in Africa.

This is big news for the tech and media industry.

In his new position, Okosi will have a crucial role in overseeing Google’s operations in Africa. This includes running programs aimed at fostering the growth of businesses and economies on the continent. Additionally, he will be focusing on expanding access to the internet and providing essential tools to help the next billion users make the most out of the web.

Meir Brand, the Vice President for EMEA Emerging Markets at Google, had some high praise for Okosi. He described him as a proven leader with a wealth of experience in the media and technology sectors. Okosi’s profound understanding of African countries and his dedication to using technology to empower both individuals and businesses were highlighted as key reasons for his new role.

Alex Okosi is no stranger to the media, entertainment, and technology industries. Before his role at YouTube, he served as the Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Viacom International Media Networks Africa and BET International. During his tenure at YouTube, he played a pivotal role in driving the platform’s growth and expansion across Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey.

This move signifies Google’s commitment to the African market and its belief in Okosi’s ability to lead the charge in this dynamic and rapidly evolving region. It will be exciting to see how Okosi’s leadership will shape Google’s presence and impact in Africa in the coming years.

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