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Advancing Niger Delta Development: President Tinubu’s Commitment And Regional Initiatives

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President Tinubu pledged to address the South-south Monarch Forum’s requests, including completing the East-west Road and enhancing regional infrastructure.

Following Tuesday’s meeting with the President, Delta State Traditional Rulers’ Chairman, Major General Felix Mujakperuo, and Emuoha Kingdom’s paramount ruler, Sergeant Awuse, presented requests for Niger-Delta development.

“Mujakperuo highlighted the region’s infrastructure challenges, emphasized youth empowerment in the Niger Delta, and advocated for the Itakpe-Abuja Railway as an alternative route from Warri to Abuja.”

“The Forum urged the revival of abandoned ports in the region to boost employment and enhance Nigeria’s economy.”

“We present our region’s requests to the President, highlighting our suffering despite contributing resources. The President assured us he will address our concerns and take necessary action.

“We suggested linking Itakpe to Abuja Railway for a direct route from Warri to Abuja. Also, reviving abandoned ports could generate employment and boost the country’s economy,” he stated.

“The monarch highlighted that the Niger Delta, a major oil-producing region, shouldn’t suffer despite its abundant resources.

“We’ve urged action on key issues like the East-West Road. Many South-south roads, including Port-Harcourt to Aba and Benin to Uromi to Okene, are impassable, affecting access to Abuja.”

“We urged him to connect Itakpe to Abuja Railway, enabling a safe drive from Warri to Abuja. Additionally, reviving abandoned ports could create jobs and enhance the country’s economy,” he mentioned.

“Niger Delta Minister Abubakar Momoh stressed the importance of investigating oil theft and pipeline vandalism to prevent falsely accusing the region’s youths.”

The Minister commended President Tinubu for giving audience to the Monarch Forum saying consistent engagement with the Forum  would strengthen the peace in the region.

“Engaging regional leaders is vital for effective communication with youths, addressing issues, and preventing a sense of exclusion. “Furthermore, we must consider the infrastructure in the region.”

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