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Your Water Tanks Should Be Closed, Please…

by InlandTown Editor
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Water Tanks

In a saner society,this article would not exist but we all know we do not live in a perfect society so now I have to remind people, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR WATER TANKS OPEN.

Over the weekend I unfortunately came across a video on Instagram. I use unfortunately because I felt scarred after watching the video. In this video, you can see two open water tanks while a troop of monkeys basically turn the tanks into their own personal bath tub.

See the video below



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I know I keep repeating it in this article but please close your water tanks.

There is so much wrong in this video and it’s worse when you realize that this tank supplies an actual apartment. Kitchens, Bathrooms, all getting water from them. Apart from how disgusting this looks, this a health hazard waiting to happen.

Monkeys have been known to carry Herpes B. A disease that can be found in their saliva, poop, urine, brain or spinal cord tissue. One way to get infected by a monkey in this situation is getting an infected monkey’s tissue or fluid on your broken skin or in your eyes, nose, or mouth. What happens when you take a shower? Water might get into your eyes, nose or mouth.

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There is no reason why a water tank that’s supplying houses should be open. Monkeys might not always be around but there are so many other things that can go wrong. A water tank should never be open. Lizards, Rodents and other Insects could also infect the water.

The world is still dealing with Bird Flu, a disease that is transmitted to humans through contact with infected bird feces, nasal secretions, or secretions from the mouth or eyes. With an open tank, anything can happen. We’re still reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic which was rumored to have originated from a virus in bats. Who knows what could drop into an open water tank? With unsuspecting families who live in the building having to use this contaminated water.


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