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What’s Your plan

by Austin Areh
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It is already the 5th month in the year, it was like yesterday we were saying our promises on the first day of 2019, promising heaven and earth and like so many, it was simply talk and nothing else.

Talking is the easiest part; Taking the action is the hard part.

Every year comes with its own struggles, situations that make us procrastinate and totally go against our words and promises, so many drunks promised never to drink again and found themselves ordering for the fourth bottle of liquor, what about those that promised to start their business and finally stop procrastinating, most of them are still on the verge of bankruptcy without any business to their name.Well, I never said it was easy.

Challenges are life’s way of reminding us that we are living and the truth is no matter how many goals you reach, there is always a challenge greater in front. Take for example, while growing up, the challenge was to pass your exams whether it is JAMB, WAEC or POSTUME, and after finishing from the university, the struggle was to get a good job and kick off a great career path, after achieving all of that the pressure to get married slips in then the pressure to fend for your familyand your children…

It seems like a cycle of struggles right?

Plans are important tools to checkmate us when we fall short of who what we are ,it reminds us of the reason we are on the path, it pushes us to do more and stay on track.The Holy bible even tells us to ‘’Write down this message! Record it legibly on tablets’’I guess the prophet  was referring to tables of stones or other forms of writing to store information in those times.Do you even know that Mark Zuckerberg in 2014 wrote down the three, five and ten years plans for  Facebook……well get writing.

The concept of writing a plan and following it through is the assurance that we are getting better and definitely on the right track. It helps also to reevaluate and takes you back to the drawing board, I watched a 17 year old young man in the university make a 10 year plan about every area of his life from the first time he would date, when he wants to marry even to the minimum of when he would get his first car and I watched him achieved every single goal.

So what did you promise to do this year, is it to start a new business, get a spouse, expand your capacity or even as little as putting an end  to that bad habit. Well, there is no time to start apart from now. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself, learn to rejoice when you cover little milestones, give it your all, don’t be afraid to fail and always take baby steps. Remember you are not in competition with anyone else.


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