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A name is a word or set of words by which a person known, addressed, or referred to, it is an identification tag that stays with your forever. Igbo names are creative and beautiful, its meaning goes ahead to affect the life/activities of the person, a name might suggest a role a child plays like Ada or Okpara which is given to the first son and daughter in a family, it could also be used to praise God like Chioma, Chikaima, Ebubechi and also tell a story that surrounds the birth of a child like Ujunwa,Chibuikem and a whole load of others.

Are you extremely tired of boring Igbo names, well we would be giving you some beautiful trendy Igbo names to swoon over.

1. Somgolibe (Goli) – Follow Me Rejoice

2. Nmasinachi (Nma) -Beauty Is From God

3. Chidiuto (Chidi) – God Is Sweet

5. Ifechidelu, Ifechukwukwurugeme (Ife or Ifechi) – What God has written…God’s words must come to pass

6. Ifechimererika (Erika) – God’s works are endless

7. Chigaemezu (Eme) – God will fulfil

8. Nwanyibuife (Ife) – A woman is light

9. Ebubedike (Ebube) – Glory of a great man

10.Chisimdiri – God said I shall live

11. Chimamanda (Amanda) – My God will not fail

12. Chikaima (Chika) – It’s God we know

13. Kamharida (Rida) – May I not fall

14. Kosisochukwu (Kosiso or Kosi) – However it pleases God

15. Ndumzoronachukwu (Zoro) – My life is hidden in God

16. Zioranmachukwu (Ziora) -Show the world God’s beauty

17. Kaimarachukwu (Kaima) – Let’s know God

16. Obinaetochukwu (Naeto) – A heart that praises God 17. Sochima (Sochi) – Only God Knows 18. Chinagorom (China) – God is my witness

19. Chisomaga (Chisom) – God walks with me

20. Chukwukasiemobi (Kasie) – God console my heart

21. Ozioma –unique great news

22. Uzoamaka(Amaka) – smooth path

23. Osinachi –originating from God

24. Ifeanacho(Ife) –exactly what we are searching for

25. Jamuike(Ike) -encourage me

26. Daaluchineke/Chukwudaalu -thank you, Lord

27. Ginikawa/Ginikachukwu –there’s nothing greater than the Lord

28. Sopuluchi –respect God

29. Amaogechukwu (Ogechi)– Lord’s time is the best

30. Akumjeli –I will enjoy that wealth

Add any trendy Igbo name you know on the comment box below


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