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Urgent Call: Prioritizing Cardiovascular Health Amidst Tragic Events

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The Nigerian Cardiac Society has issued a poignant call to action, urging citizens to prioritize their cardiovascular well-being in light of recent tragic events. Among those lost, including Cairo Ojuogboh, a former member of the House of Representatives, were four Nigerians who tragically passed away while engrossed in the football match between Nigeria and South Africa.

In a statement articulated by Augustine Odili, President of the NCS, the society expressed heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families. They underscored grave concern over the surge of sudden deaths among Nigerians, both domestically and abroad, particularly in connection with the heightened emotions surrounding the Nigeria-South Africa match during the ongoing African Cup of Nations in Cote D’Ivoire.

“The reported fatalities during the match underscore a disconcerting reality about the cardiovascular health of our nation. While the exact causes of these untimely deaths await conclusive determination, we feel compelled to highlight the potential correlation between heightened emotional states and adverse cardiovascular events,” the society stated.

The NCS elucidated that sudden death, characterized by an unforeseen and fatal event occurring within an hour from symptom onset, presents a sobering challenge. It emphasized that such occurrences can manifest irrespective of the presence or absence of conventional risk factors, many of which afflict a significant portion of the Nigerian populace and often remain inadequately managed.

“Sudden cardiac death, wherein cardiac function is abruptly lost with or without antecedent heart disease, encapsulates a stark reality—approximately 50% of all heart disease-related deaths are sudden, irrespective of etiology,” the society expounded.

In this context, the NCS implored Nigerians to prioritize proactive measures to safeguard their cardiovascular health, emphasizing the imperative of regular screenings, lifestyle modifications, and adherence to prescribed therapies. Moreover, it advocated for heightened public awareness campaigns and enhanced healthcare infrastructure to mitigate the incidence of sudden cardiac events.

Amidst the grief and loss, the NCS endeavored to galvanize collective action towards fostering a healthier, more resilient society—a society where preventable tragedies yield to informed vigilance and proactive health management.



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