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Unforgettable Proposal: Love Blooms at Abia State University as Lecturer Proposes to Student

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Wednesday marked a momentous occasion at Abia State University, Uturu, as lecturer Wisdom Anucha orchestrated a heartwarming proposal in one of the university’s classrooms, leaving many students in awe. The scene was captured in circulating Facebook photographs, which depicted Anucha on bended knee, presenting a ring to his beloved amidst a backdrop of intrigued onlookers. Some students were visibly thrilled by the spectacle, while others were keen on recording the unforgettable moment.

A video shared by facebook user, Possible Nwaohamuo further immortalized the touching scene, capturing the essence of the emotional proposal. Nwaohamuo’s caption on Facebook reflected on the unconventional yet undeniable affection shared between the lecturer and his student fiancée, labeling it as “Lecturer and student love.”

Confirming the authenticity of the photographs and video clip, a close friend of the lecturer, Daniel Ukanwata, affirmed the proposal’s veracity on Thursday morning. “It’s very real,” Mr. Ukanwata asserted in response to inquiries, solidifying the genuineness of the gesture.

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