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Land Dispute Triggers Killing of Soldiers in Delta State

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The nation mourns the brutal murder of military personnel in Delta State, linked to a land dispute by local leader Oshare.

Last week, a horrific incident in Delta State’s Okuama community led to the deaths of seventeen individuals. This act of violence has drawn widespread criticism from authorities across Nigeria.

On Monday, Oshare disclosed that military staff were mediating a land dispute in Okuama. He stated on Channels Television’s Politics Today, “The disagreement was merely a land dispute between two families, a type of conflict that recurs frequently.”

He further explained, “One community felt oppressed due to the perceived military ties of the other. Okuoma, feeling the brunt of this pressure, lacked advocates. In the entire narrative, the name of the other community is conspicuously absent. Where is Okoloba? Over the past two days, Okoloba seems to have vanished out of fear.”

Oshare stressed: The dispute isn’t ethnic but a disagreement with Okoloba, seemingly having influential connections. “The families embroiled in this dispute hold significant positions. He added that a thorough investigation must conduct to uncover the truth.

Oshare hopes for national sympathy for the victims once the truth emerges. In the aftermath of the killing, the community was set ablaze. However, Oshare urged caution, stating, “We should be wary of whom we accuse at this juncture, as there may be individuals seeking to provoke the authorities against the people of Okuama.”

Following the incident, authorities have committed to apprehending and prosecuting the culprits. Kabiru Adamu, another guest on the show, stressed the community’s role in facilitating this process, stating, “The community bears the responsibility of aiding the Nigerian state in identifying those accountable,” he said, speaking as a security expert.

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