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These 3 Signs Might Tell you Have a Culture Shock and Here’s What To Do (PART 2)

by InlandTown Editor
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Last week we talked about 3 major signs that tell you might have a culture shock and how to handle it.  Incase you missed it, read article Here

This week, we shall explore three more signs that tell you might have a culture shock, and how you can manage it. We defined Culture Shock as an experience, or a disorientation people may have when they move to a cultural environment different from theirs.  They are;

  1. Poor Time Management; I think at some point in our lives, we have had difficulty managing our time, either at work or life in general. However, if you find yourself caught between managing your time, accomplishing tasks and functioning properly in a completely different geographical location, then you might be dealing with a culture shock.

I usually say that the first step, before anything else to overcoming a culture shock is to realize that adjusting takes time. You can overcome a poor time management by avoiding multitasking to reduce stress, instead we can prioritize our list of activities. We can also give ourselves breaks and set limits.

2. Remoteness or Isolation; It is okay to feel lonely and isolated, especially in a new environment, away from loved ones and family but what can you do? Try devoting time to make new friends and speaking to friends and family. try to do something new like enrolling in a gym or trying out a new sport.

3.  Decreased Productivity; You are demotivated, and you are facing serious setbacks? Focus on the Future. Try to set deadlines for yourself and limit phone distraction. You should also find ways to relieve stress by taking enough rest, exercising, and meditating. These steps have proven to help.

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