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Samsung Galaxy S-23 Offer: Glo Customers Storm Gloworld Shops

by InlandTown Editor
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Glo customers have been visiting Gloworld shops in large numbers since the commencement of the of preordering exercise for the new Galaxy S-23 phone

The lucky ones who had earlier preordered their phones have started receiving their S23 devices, while the new customers have also been visiting the Gloworld shops en masse to preorder their own S23 devices.

The preordering exercise started recently after Globacom, the Nigerian telecommunications company and world’s leading manufacturers of electronic devices, Samsung announced an exclusive partnership which allows Glo subscribers to own the Galaxy S23 smartphone.

Announcing the partnership, Globacom said, “For the first time in Nigeria, we are bringing exclusive offer for Glo customers & lovers of classy and hi-tech phones with Samsung Galaxy S23. Globacom is fully committed to innovative and value adding services that provide immense benefits for our subscribers”.

Since February 2, when the preordering exercise commenced phone lovers who wish to purchase the device are to enjoy exclusive customized packaging, strictly for Glo customers.

The offer which include standard and Eco packages has S23 Ultra phone as the first option and it comes in 3 variants of Black, Green and Cream which can be preordered with 25% deposit.

They also come with buds 2pro, grip cover and 25W travel adapter as gifts. The second category is S23 Plus which comes in four variants of Black, Green, Cream and lavender and can also be preordered with 25% of the price while the last model is S23 which comes in two types. The standard type can be preordered on payment of N200,000 out of the 655,000 price while the Eco package can be pre-ordered by paying 25% N837,900.

The company also explained that 18GB bonus data awaits Samsung S23 customers in “Glo Smartphone Festival Data Plans”, while 3GB additional data will be enjoyed on a monthly basis for 6 months by customers on Glo network.

Globacom advised other Glo subscribers who are yet to take advantage of the offer to key into the package by visiting Gloworld shops in their locations to preorder their preferred type of Galaxy S23 phone before the closing date of February 25.

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