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Osinbajo Has Not Officially Declared for 2023 , Aide claims

by Nuel Emuebie
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In recent times , the general understanding of governance and its structure has given rise to many curious minds , who want to know what stage of progress the country is taking. Elections are a way to elect representatives democratically, and it is done periodically, every four years.

With the 2023 elections just around the corner, many politicians have declared their interests and mild campaigning has began. With the likes of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Bukola Saraki and other vying for the position of the president, it was reported that The current VP has also declared his interest to run, however , in response , his representative as denied the claims . He says the VP has not officially made his intention known. Though this contradicts the fact that there are banners of Osinbajo in parts of Nigeria and Abuja to be precise, they have refuted the claims , and declared that it has not officially been announced.

Image Credit : Punch Newspaper

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