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Obi Cubana: Burial Turned Festival As Celebrities Storm Oba

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Nigerian socialite and owner of the popular Cubana nightclub in Abuja, Obi Cubana threw Nigerians into a frenzy with the most talked about event of the weekend – the burial of his 75-year-old mother, Lady Uche Iyiegbu, who died in December 2020. Held at St Paul’s Anglican Church, Oba Anambra southeast Nigeria, the event was star-studded and welcomed celebrities such as Davido, Kanayo O. Kanayo, D Banj, Williams Uchemba, Kanayo O Kanayo, Alexx Ekubo and many entertainment heavyweights in attendance trended across social media.

Quite strangely, Wizkid’s birthday got a very little mention because of  Obi’s mother’s burial magnitude. If you haven’t grasped why this was the most talked-about event on social media; then it can be only be described as phenomenal – it was a total shutdown of Oba, – a town that is just five minutes from Onitsha, the popular commerce and economic hub. Top-notch music performances from Ugosinobi Ikem Mazeli and Boy O Boy Onwuatu lit the air as Pulse reports that more than 300 cows, over 50 private planes in two airports, blocks of money in the eight-day carnival created enough buzz that even shot Cubana chief priest’s Instagram followers to over 3 million. Born Obi Iyiegbu, Obi Cubana is a known Nigerian businessman who has become an internet personality. Launching his first hotel in 2006, Obi has grown his business and investments within and outside Nigeria.

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It is hard to avoid such lavish spending with Obi Cubana’s status coupled with the influence he currently wields in Nigeria. It is not surprising to see hundreds of gifts packed in trucks and stacks of money being sprayed without caution. In fact, surrounded by lots of financially buoyant friends and business associates, they reportedly joined forces together to purchase a N30 million worth of foreign casket as well as the sum of 267,000.000 (Two Hundred & Fifty-Seven Million Naira) for the burial. Also, Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu, popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest donated 46 cows to honour the celebrant. He also wrote on Instagram; “Money Wan Choke Me Since Wednesday, Indeed Givers Never Lack, No Be Me Dey Do Burial Na My Papa”.

Adorned with a diamond chain and neckpiece worth $100,000, one would wonder who the 46-year-old nightclub boss is and what has made him this influential to have made the whole nation halt over the burial of his mother. However, is it not bothering that what is supposed to be a mourning period for a woman who died at 75 became not just a festival but a celebration that sort of overlooked the essence of the occasion and focused on money, affluence, and association? This indeed proves that Cubana tripled the investment on his mother’s burial as video clips confirmed it was more that it was not just a gathering for the bereaved; it was for the allure, the affluence, and the bond of businessmen. Quite safer than the north, however, it is an important observation the same place that has recently witnessed unrest and dreaded for kidnapping activities became the centre of attraction welcoming billionaires from several parts of the world. This proves how much people can risk their lives for someone, especially of Cubana’s status.

Looking at the event and overly flamboyant display of wealth at Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial, Many articles have gone on questioning Obi Cubana’s source of money as many have compared him to Hushpuppi who is languishing in a US prison over alleged fraud. It also brings to mind how this lavish lifestyle led many into believing that Hushpuppi was bringing hope to the youths who have been regarded as lazy, however his end proved to be the direct opposite despite his close relationship and ties to elites in the country. This lavish spending has had an untold impact on many young people, who have seen this as a motivation. However, will this motivation lead into the same den Hushpuppi has ended? Only time will tell.

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