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Man Sets Fire To His House With His Wife and Kids In It

by Austin Areh
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In Kwara State, a guy set fire to his home, which also included his wife and kids.

On Sunday, July 3, the husband, who is reported by Linda Ikeji to live in Lekki Phase 1 of the Eyenkorin Area of Ilorin, Kwara State, had an argument with his wife before setting fire to their home.

According to information obtained, the guy and his wife, who have four children, had been living apart because of their unbridgeable disputes.

According to reports, the guy requested his wife and children to leave the home they shared with him before he departed, but she refused, saying she and the man had invested jointly in it.

She declined, and on Sunday, July 3, the guy doused the house with gasoline before lighting it on fire.

Men from the state fire department said that the structure was rescued from utter destruction by their quick action.

The event was verified by Hassan Adekunle, the Kwara State Fire Service’s HOD for Media and Publicity.

He said that a resident who only went by the name Mr. Kola called the police to report the event.

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According to Adekunle, the fire department was able to put out the fire and keep it from spreading to nearby structures.

Adekunle said that what they discovered was that the man and his wife had an argument two years prior to his leaving his wife and children behind to move to another of his properties.

He also said that all attempts to resolve the situation were unsuccessful, and the effort to persuade him to let the wife and kids reside there because he had another house was also unsuccessful.

According to the story, the guy unexpectedly showed up on Sunday, doused the three-bedroom apartment with gasoline, and then lit it on fire while the children were inside. He said that his wife was irking him.

The neighbor who reported the event and other people had to step in, according to him, for the occupants to be saved.


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