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Leadership Failure is Nigeria’s Biggest Problem – Peter Obi

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Peter Obi

The former Governor of Anambra State and 2023 Presidential aspirant, Peter Obi has explained that a failure in leadership has been Nigeria’s biggest problem as a nation.

Obi was a guest on Channels television’s Sunday Politics show yesterday and he spoke about the upcoming 2023 elections.

“If I am to say what Nigeria’s biggest problem is, you can see that it is leadership failure,” he said.

“What we are experiencing now is the cumulative effect of leadership failure over the years. A leadership that has failed to look into the future and invest in the future.”

“So, what Nigerians want to see is a leader who has the competence and capacity to start tackling the innermost problems affecting our country, starting from the issue of cohesion and unity, we are so divided today as a nation so there’s need to bring us together”. He added.

When asked what the next president could focus on in the first few days of office, Peter Obi explained that he wasn’t a fan of the idea of ‘first hundred days’. He rather believed that the issues facing the country should be tackled as quickly as possible.

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“I don’t believe in first 100 days because after it, then you lose momentum. I believe in tackling the right things from Day 1. The first is that the role of a leader is solving problems; bringing solutions to problems, not to be creating more problems or blame. What we have here in Nigeria is that somebody seeks a political position and when he (or she) is elected, they start blaming. You were elected to solve that problem and you have to start solving that problem from Day 1.”

Peter Obi plans to contest in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primaries for the presidential ticket. When asked about his party’s readiness for the election and the discussion around zoning, he said

“We’re not saying it is our turn by force, all I’m saying is, it is a humble appeal. Ohaneze is appealing to the conscience of other zones to see our cry and to see that we are doing so based on our love and commitment for a better Nigeria”.

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