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India’s External Affairs Minister Emphasizes Africa’s Vital Role In Global Transformation

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India’s External Affairs Minister, Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishanker, highlights Africa’s crucial role in the changing global scenario.

Jaishanker, who is currently on a visit to Nigeria, made this known on Sunday evening in Lagos.

He spoke at a lecture on “Resetting the Global Agenda” organized by the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs.

According to Jaishanker, the global agenda, in many ways today, is about restoring Africa and the world at large to its natural state because the world was diverse and still is.

He noted that the global south was a mindset with some principles for non-interference, non-alignment and non-judgment as well as about solidarity and sharing.

“So, how does the global south today deal with the global north? I think in many ways, by being empathetic, understanding, and being respectful while recognising that every country has its sovereignty.

Societies must organically develop solutions that align with their culture and traditions rather than having solutions imposed on them.

Jaishanker emphasized overcoming three global challenges to align with the global agenda. These, he said, include the quest to make the world a better place, globalisation and narrative setting.

The minister highlighted that globalization, a game-changer, combines economics, shared common dependence, and unprecedented mobility.

He observed that global benefits from globalization coexist with increased economic concentration, emphasizing heavy reliance on production worldwide.

“COVID-19 brought home to every one of us that we are often dependent on suppliers and producers for the most basic things of our life.

“The third challenge, narrative setting, is actually a very powerful force in international relations.

“We also have the challenges of the polarisation of the world. Conflicts such as the one in Ukraine have polarised the east and the west. How do we talk about a global agenda when there is polarisation?”

He highlighted improved India-Nigeria relations in the past decade, emphasizing increased trust, leadership, and tech understanding, leading to renewed energy.

“It’s very hard to say the exact combinations or factors that accelerate national growth and progress.

“One of the big changes that happened in my country is very basic changes such as connecting houses to pipe water. Using one can deploy the other, and both basic and significant things hold equal importance.

Jaishanker also said neo-colonialism was pervasive and visible in so many ways, noting that the world was still far away from being a just, and equitable planet.

“Now we are struggling for economic strength. How do we actually get something that is more mutually respectful and not just as a diplomatic gesture?

If 54 countries are excluded from the manner in which discussions are conducted, the world will not truly embody diversity or possess a genuine sense of ownership.

“India’s growth and prosperity is not complete until we see that Africa has gotten what is rightfully theirs,” he said.

NIIA Director-General Prof. Osaghae lauded India as a key partner for Nigeria, highlighting shared global frameworks since the non-aligned movement.

India has been a key ally, forming diplomatic ties with Nigeria two years before its independence.

“We share commonalities with India and are excited to host the minister, particularly during these global reflection points,” he stated.

Discussions are underway about recalibrating the global order, seeking global justice and equity, prompted by experiences since the days of COVID.

Calls for democratizing multilateral institutions, including the push for permanent seats for the Global South in the UN Security Council.

“We wanted to explore India’s collaboration with other world powers, such as Nigeria,” Osaghae explained.


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