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Navigating Economic Challenges: KADCCIMA President Calls For Action And Assessing Government Proposals

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KADCCIMA President, Mr. Ishaya Idi, urges the Federal Government to promptly tackle issues in the nation’s manufacturing sector.

In Kaduna, Idi issued a statement expressing his call, and the News Agency of Nigeria made it available on Monday.

He responded to the proposal to move CBN and FAAN departments from Abuja to Lagos.

He emphasized prioritizing revitalizing key sectors like manufacturing (autos, agro-allied, cotton, textile) for local and export production.

“Additionally, the envisaged humongous amount of money required for the relocation could be utilized to fund impactful projects.””

”We see no tangible reasons to support this development as it  does not provide any immediate economic advantage to the country.

“We believe Abuja, as Nigeria’s capital, should retain all necessary institutions to function properly,” stated.

”The reason(s) advanced for the relocation would rather undermine the status of Abuja as the nation’s Federal Capital Territory.”

Idi suggests focusing on FCT infrastructure instead of relocating institutions, citing rapid city growth.

“Besides the high costs involved, relocating would cause emotional distress and disruption for affected civil servants,” noted.

“In addition, the relocation could use the envisaged humongous amount of money to fund impactful projects.”

”What we need now are clear policies and steps to revisit  areas that gulp the nation’s dwindling foreign exchange.

“The current administration should address ongoing economic issues affecting our nation,” emphasized.

“Focus on high living costs, poverty, insecurity, unemployment, and currency devaluation,” added the KADCCIMA leader.

He also advised the Federal Government to always promote and roll out policies that would unite  Nigerians rather than polarise them.

CBN to move key departments to Lagos, as reported by NAN.

NAN also recalls that the Minister of Aviation, Festus Keyamo, has directed that the agency’s headquarters be relocated from Abuja to Lagos.

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