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I Inherited Billions in Debt from the Past Regime – Governor Soludo

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The Governor of Anambra State, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo in an interview with Arise TV on Tuesday morning, claims that the finances of the state is in very bad shape.

According to the Governor, his predecessor, Willie Obiano, only left behind around N300 and N400 million in the state’s accounts. Meanwhile, the state is in debt of hundreds of billions of naira.

Soludo explained,

“In terms of debt I inherited, it runs into hundreds of billions of Naira. In that of cash, we met about 300 million Naira. Let’s not talk about it. Our treasury is funny. But I hope we shall make money henceforth to help us fulfill our promises for infrastructure and development of the state. But in terms of what I met in our coffers, my brother, it’s pathetic. Please let us not go there. God will help us”

The newly sworn in Governor also discussed the need for the people to invest in Made in Anambra products. He said,

“It is not just me, it is the way the world works. You will not get to Europe and find any European government using or buying Japanese Toyota for the operations of their police or for their president or officers. That government will come down the next day.”

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Governor Soludo went further to emphasize the need for the people to be proud of their homemade products and label it ‘Made in Anambra’ and not other designer labels.

“If we patronize what we produce and label them ours; it is going to create tens of thousands and millions of jobs. We have to be proud of our products; Akwete inclusive and other arts and crafts that will open jobs for the open market. This is the way to go, made in Anambra, made in Nigeria first and we create millions of jobs”

The Governor was also asked to chime in on the well publicized incident that happened during his inauguration between the outgoing first lady, Mrs Obiano and diplomat, Bianca Ojukwu. Soludo explained that he enjoyed the comedy that has risen from the incident.

“The comedy that has emerged from it all that I have enjoyed. There is no distraction whatsoever. I think it was meant to be. Sometime to come there will even be some movies or comedies and even a song out of that.”

“As you saw, I didn’t even notice much of what happened. I think it happened while I was going to sign the oath of allegiance. It was just like a one-second thing. I turned again and continued signing my thing and I have not had one minute discussing it other than the comic relief you see posted. We are intensely focused on what we must deliver to our people.”

You can watch the full interview here

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