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Here Is Why Most Nigerians “JAPA”

by InlandTown Editor
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Lately, news about Nigerians Jump(ing) At Possibilities Abroad (JAPA) has ravaged the internet and other spaces. Reports have shown that a very significant number of professionals in Nigeria have decided to “JAPA”. Japa in itself is not unpleasant but it becomes perturbing when the number of youths and talented minds taking the decision keeps increasing.

One of our correspondents, Sophia Ufuoma took to the streets of Lagos to ask Nigerians if they would take 20 million naira to stay in Nigeria or take a visa to any country of their choice. The response from 90% was that they would rather take the visa options.

Some reasons why they would want to ‘JAPA’ includes:

The Rate of Inflation:

The respondents explained that with the current increase in inflation rate, the possibility that they will be able to make a lot of 20 million Naira is very shallow. They also stated that the money will be spent in no time because the value of naira is diminishing. Recent reports from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed that Nigeria’s headline inflation rate increased to 19.64 percent on a year-on-year basis in July, the highest since 2005.

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Lack of opportunities:

According to some of the people that responded to the question, the opportunities abroad are in no way a match to the opportunities in Nigeria. The opportunities include; a good standard of living, quality education, and jobs with a good working environment. The seven-month-old strike action taken by the Academic Staff Union of Universities is also one of the reasons so many students have resolved to “JAPA”.


The rate of insecurity in the country ranging from Boko Haram attacks to herdsmen attack to banditry and also kidnappings is also one of the discouragements Nigerians face in remaining in the country. Someone said she is not even sure she would not be killed before spending the twenty million Naira she gets if she decides to remain in Nigeria.

General Sense of Hopelessness:

The continuous decadence of the system according to research is also one of the reasons an average Nigerian at the moment, wants to leave the country. The high rate of unemployment, Bad governance, corruption, lack of investment in human capital, and poor infrastructural development all birth the frustration of people who are taking the JAPA choice.

Amongst others are the reasons for which Nigerians are fleeing stated above. Nigerians generally from reports just want a better life for themselves, hence, the decision to JAPA.


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