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Grant’s Crew Nights Out: A Memorable Experience For You And Your Crew!

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It’s time to crank it up and party with your ride-or-die crew! No doubt, it’s not a bash without great vibes, tasty sips, and killer beats.

Save the date! Grant’s Crew Nights Out concert will rock your Friday night on November 10, 2023, at Good Village, Lagos, Nigeria. Brought to you by Grant’s – the Scotch whisky that turns every night into an unforgettable experience, proving that a good time only requires your crew!

Get ready for a lineup that’s gonna blow your mind. Afro-EDM sensations Maze and Mxtreme; the groove kings Alternate Sound; the modern highlife wizards The Cavemen and the dynamic duo DJ Wanni and Handi are all set to take the stage. It’s not just a concert; it’s a full-blown experience, complete with the finest whisky vibes. Grant’s Crew Nights Out: An unforgettable concert experience for you and your crew!

At Grant’s Crew Nights, it’s your golden ticket to savor the best vibes, from Grant’s 12-year-old to equally delghtful drink options as the beats.

The Crew Nights Out concert kicks off the Crew Nights campaign, where the liquor brand promotes togetherness through big gatherings with Crew Nights Out and intimate house parties with Crew Nights In.

Hurry now to the Faaji App to grab a ticket for you and your crew to attend a concert you won’t be forgetting in a hurry!

Stay tuned for upcoming Crew Nights Out and Crew Nights In events by following @grantswhisky_ng on social media and using the hashtags #CrewNightsNG #TogetherWeMakeIt. Get the latest updates and event details for you and your crew!*

“Grant’s,” a renowned Scottish whisky brand since 1887, offers a diverse range of expressions like Triple Wood, Ale Cask, Sherry Cask, Triple Wood 12-year-old, and 18- & 25-year-old whiskies to suit various tastes.

Grant’s Whisky is respected by connoisseurs and approachable for newcomers to Scotch exploration. /Its long history and commitment to quality have contributed to its enduring popularity in the industry.


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