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Exclusive :Commuters Lament as Contractors Make New Diversions on Lagos – Ibadan Express Road

by Austin Areh
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We must look inward and ask ourselves, why we are all here in this country ,at this moment in the course of time, it is evident for us to find our purpose, and allow that purpose manifest our true call in life, the ability to identify your own purpose will give room to peace of mind, and then, allow the true nature take control.

Taking us back to the pre-colonial era, we remind ourselves that everybody was doing something and in other to survive, there had to be trade by barter, this naturally means that if you don’t bring something to the table, you don’t take something out. Here, you are not given anything because you belong to an association, or from a tribe , or any other societal ties, here, you are given something because of what you bring as well. It is simple “tit for tat” or in more clear terms, trade by barter, what we have now in our current day Nigeria, are people who are wired to follow whatever they are told, largely due to sentiments ,and in sharing that sentiment, they are able to feed.

While the citizens of the country calls for increased development and growth. There are reports that the diversions caused by the contractors on Lagos – Ibadan express road is causing pain and hardship to commuters on a daily basis. While we reported about this before, on how some accidents have occurred, it seems like motorists and commuters have to spend long hours on the road, due to deliberate diversions that are taking too long to remove. The users of this route are complaining on a daily basis and advice that the company should always consider the plight of Nigerians before they block large sessions of the road.

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