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Excavation: 13 Sealed Coffins Discovered in Saqqara-Giza

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A collection of over 13 intact sealed coffins, as far back as 2,500 years ago have been discovered at an archaeological site in Saqqara necropolis in Giza.

This was made known in a statement issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

According to the statement, the coffins together with three sealed niches were unearthed inside an 11-meter-deep shaft. Both the Egyptian Tourism and Antiquities Minister, Khaled al-Anany and the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) Mostafa Waziri, visited the site on Sunday to inspect the excavation work in the shaft.

This discovery is the largest in terms of numbers of coffins discovered in one burial site. The one holding the record prior to this discovery was the Asasif Cachette where 30 ancient coffins were discovered in October 2019 at Asasif cemetery in Upper Egypt’s Luxor Province.

The Minister who also leads the Egyptian archaeological mission in Saqqara stated that despite the passage of 2,500 years, the wonderful collection of colored wooden coffins discovered in Saqqara are still in good condition.

On his part, Waziri stated that the exact number of the excavated coffins as well as the identity and titles of their owners have not yet been ascertained. However, he assured that they will be found out in the coming few days while excavation work continues.

It should be noted that these coffins are completely sealed and have not been opened since they were buried inside the shaft.

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